05 Destinations in which Tourist are being Welcomed!

Two questions which is on the mind of  most of the people right now is when will Vaccine be developed and more importantly when can we start to travel. Well the answer for the first question is still not found but we can surely help you with the upcoming travel situation of India. As the whole Nation is trying to accept the “NEW NORMAL’’ the tourism in India is also taking its initial steps to revive its tourism industry. We cannot ignore that some cities in India are totally dependent on tourism and the past 3 months has been really difficult for them to survive as well, like most of us. So to revive and boost the economy, different tourism boards of different states are taking Initial steps towards this issue. Major tourism dependent countries are being open again after 3 months of Complete lockdown.

❤ Destinations ❤

1. Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has recently joined this list and has allowed the entry of tourists. There are different SOP(Standard Operating Procedures) which definitely needs to be followed if you plan to visit this State. It is compulsory to show your Negative Tested report not earlier than 72 hours from an IMCR lab. You also need to have an E Pass at least 48 hours prior to your Visit. One more thing which has been made compulsory is that you need to book your accommodation for a minimum of 05 days.


2. Goa

The party capital of India, Goa also opened its borders for domestic tourists. But there are few thing which we need to know. Almost 250 hotels resumed their operations after 3 months as stated by Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar. Their are certain SOP’s which needs to followed. Govt has also issued some guidelines in three phases- Before Travel, During Travel & After Travel.
It is mandatory to pre book your stay with the hotels which have been approved by the ministry of tourism. You need to present you Covid 19 negative report at the time of arrival whcih should not be old than 48 hours. While Resturants have started on only take away basis. But the bars will remain shut along with several shacks.

3. Uttrakhand

The Land God, Uttrakhand also opened its border for Visitors outside the state. Although, the “CHAR DHAM YATRA” will be restricted to devotees from state only. In order to visit this state you need to present your negative testes Covid-19 report from an IMCR lab. The tourism ministry advised the hotels to accept the stay of Minimum 05 days. You may need to submit medical report at checkpoints.

4. Rajasthan

Land of Maharajas, Rajasthan also entered a new phase of easing restrictions. Govt has opened all the monuments except the ones in Containment Zone. But the twist is that the monuments will be opened 04 days a week as of now which are Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday & Sunday. Wearing a mask is mandatory. Also the maximum group size allowed will be 05 People. Social distancing to be maintained properly.


5. Madhya Pradesh

Heart of India, Madhya Pradesh followed the lead of Rajasthan. The tourism board announced that all the state run hotels & resorts will be opened. Also, all the national parks are opened. The major highlight of their opening is that they are offering RV Carvan to help maintain social distancing plus taking the adventure to the next level.