10 Reasons why should travel solo once in your Life

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10 Reasons why should travel solo once in your life

How many times have you created a WhatsAppgroup “Goa Trip” with your friends but ultimately ended up spending your long weekendin bed as everyone exits the group one by one? Now it’s the high time to pack your bags up and take that damn trip, with no one else, but only you! That one trip with yourself is going to change your life.
Here are the top 10 reasons perks you get to experience while travelling alone:
  • You are accountable to only yourself:

Travelling solo will make you realise that you are your own boss. You can totally skip going to the museum because you find it boring. Or you may sit at the beach for hours just because you find it peaceful. There isn’t anyone else to decide for you.

  • You meet new people:

You tend to meet new people and mostly locals when you travel solo. You’ll develop an understanding and affinity for the cultures and people you encounter as they enrich your experience and help you along the way.

  • Finding pleasure in nothingness:

Major self-awareness sets in when you realise that every day of your travel need not to be madcap. You’ll start finding peace by just sitting and observing the surroundings and eventually introspecting your inner self!

  • You learn to trust everyone and no one at the same time:

Solo trips definitely make you more vulnerable. But at the same time it teaches you to judge that who genuinely will show you the way to art gallery and who is going to run away with all your money.

  • You get strength to deal with life’s messes:

Every trip with your own self will make u braver than ever before. Sometimes things don’t work out – you miss a flight or a bird bits on your new t-shirt. At that time you have no other choice but to laugh it off because you can’t complain to anyone.

  • You’ll learn to have more rather than to have it all:

The cliché phrase “you can’t have it all” will eventually start making sense to you. You’ll realise that it’s better to sit gazing the stars for the rest of the evening by skipping the EDM night at the club.

  • It will make you responsible:

You’ll no longer be the one whose luggage is taken care by the parents or friends. Holding your own self happily responsible for everything in your vacation is probably one of the best perks of traveling solo!

  • It’ll make you a problem solver:

Instead of crying over your missed flight or lost way in a trek, as a solo traveller you have to think of immediate and intelligent next step in that situation. You’ll learn to step up and tackle problems head on.

  • You’ll encounter your weaknesses:

Travelling alone will definitely land you face to face with a lot of your weaknesses you never know existed. But you’re going to conquer them all as keep travelling!

  • Being comfortable in your own skin:

When you spend time with your own self day and night, you become more confident about your body. That eventually makes you better at presenting yourself in front of others.

Now what are you waiting for? Don’t cancel that trip for the zillionth time now! And if you’re still not confident WHY only you: maybe you can try going on a date with yourself in a café first, and then ask out once again!

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