Top 5 books to read while travelling in 2021

No matter where you’re traveling, or with whom, you’ll definitely find yourself stuck in moments where you have got a few hours to kill. Whether it’s on a plane, a train, or sitting idly by the mountains, you’d find yourself in the need of a companion. And what’s a better partner than a good book?

And, we know there’s an array of numerous great books to read that leave you craving for more. But, you don’t have to worry as we’ve got you covered! We’ll be your guide to browsing a book that suits your mood. Here are the top 5 books that you should read while traveling:

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1. The Kite Runner

This book takes you on a journey, not just in terms of emotions, values, repentance, and redemption; but on a trip to Afghanistan. Afghanistan as we know it before the Taliban attacks, the beautiful, surreal cultural hub. Khaled Hosseini’s books are like a warm hug, they tear you apart yet hold you together. We suggest this heart-tugging blockbuster book as your travel partner if you are going for a trip around deserted areas like Gujarat or Rajasthan. Take Amir, Soraiya, Hassan, Sourabh, and all the other beautiful characters with you on your next adventure and hear them say, ‘For you, a thousand times over’.


2. The Alchemist

The Alchemist is one of Paulo Coehlo’s best books. It is considered to be a masterpiece for its beautiful writing with such vivid description that you feel like you are walking with Santiago, breathing in the same air, smelling the same things, looking at the same sceneries, and sharing the same stories. An inspiring book about Santiago and his journey around the world in search of what he truly desires, The Alchemist is full of proverbs and idioms you could live by. Here’s my favorite, “When you really want something, the universe always conspires in your favor”. So whenever you’re stuck on a long flight or waiting for your delayed train, just sit back and go on this mystical adventure with Santiago who will show you the positive side of everything that you thought had gone wrong.

3. Fangirl

A coming-of-age story about two twins who have nothing in common but their faces. The protagonist, Cath who is a successful fan-fic writer struggles to fit in, to make friends, and more-or-less ‘survive’ through freshman year and some other unnatural disasters. Rainbow Rowell takes the reader on a roller-coaster of emotions and leaves them with butterflies in their stomach. A must-read if you have just started solo traveling as you would be able to relate with Cath’s issues to a spiritual level. With a little taste of everything from humor to drama, to romance and even fantasy, this is a full-package book.


4. The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner series is a sci-fi, action story that you won’t regret taking with you for your next adventure. Set around a fictional (read impossible) world, its characters take you on a never-ending adventure of their lives where they fight for their safety inside the Glade. With immense drama, action, tension, and everything else you could humanly think of, the book is as delectable as possible. Also, if you like The Hunger Games series, this is just the book (series, rather) for you. No matter where you are, the characters and the storyline won’t let you sit idle for a second, even when you’re not reading the book. This gut-crunching dystopian fiction is what you need with you on your future travel ventures!

5. The Fourth K

Another one of the Mario Puzo books, The Fourth K is yet another fictional thriller by The Godfather writer. Written and published back in1990, the book is set around the presidency of John F. Kennedy’s fictional nephew. An unputdownable adventure of the cunningly sweet POTUS and the mayhem around his daughter being kidnapped by a terrorist group. The book, very shrewdly, showcases the pitfalls and perils of political magnetism. A 10/10 recommendation for your next trip. Pack this mini adventure in your backpack and you’re all set! Just make sure you don’t end up finishing the book in one sitting (wink wink), you’ve got sceneries to admire!

Travelling is magical in itself and reading good books during it is like adding a little pixie dust over the magic spell. Those books hold a special place in our heart as they took us on journey we didn’t know we needed. It is your turn now! Help us add some books to our bookshelf. Tag us in your social media stories and don’t forget to check our Social Media handles below !

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