Trek To Triund

Ever since I watched ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani’, going on a trek (and meeting some Ranbir Kapoor, maybe) was on the rim of my bucket list! So yeah, I packed my bags in no time as I came across the ‘Trek-to-Triund’ organised by TripEase. And I tell you, the pictures only couldn’t really justify the kind of experience I had; it required some storytelling, definitely!

Travellers have stories to tell, not pictures to show!

Triund is basically the crown jewel of Dharamshala. It is beautifully cushioned between Dhauladhar Mountains on one side and Kangra valley on the other. The Triund trek tantalizes the first-timers and adventure lovers, both from India and outside India! It is come-at-able for most part of the year. Season of every month prettifies the summit in its very own way. Trust me; the place is going to dazzle you no matter whether it is snowy, monsoon, windy or clear sunny season!

As a first timer there are few things I realized after the trek that were very important. So the following things should be taken care of while packing your bags:

  • Chocolates for instant energy
  • Sunglasses, cap & sunscreen
  • Toilet paper, torch & sanitizer
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Do layering- two sweaters instead of one thick jacket!
  • Comfortable pair of shoes
  • Comfortable track pants and t shirt (Trekking can be done in hot pants only in YJHD, you actually need full track pants)

We made our way from Delhi to Mcleodganj in the Volvo tempo travellers, all arranged by TripEase. The commodious overnight journey helped us fuel up energy for the trek next morning!

As we reached in the morning, we got freshened up at the Shiv Shakti camping site at Dharamkot, 2 km ahead of Mcleodganj. That was where we got divided in groups headed by the respective guides.

Galu temple is the check point to the 6 km trek to Triund top. For a city dweller like me, even the thought of crossing the way through the lush green mountain forests was so alluring. Hence we decided to climb up by foot to the check point all the way from Dharamkot.

But I tell you, don’t drain your energy even before starting the trek. It’s a long way. If you are a first-timer, better make use of the taxi/auto service to make it to the check point!

So we started our 6 km trek from check point around 3 pm. The course of trek is literally just rocks. The terrain and the curves of the mountains make the trek a bit tricky, and hence exhilarating. 

With the every single step we made up to the hill, the view of city got even better. The panorama of colorful toy houses of the city in the lap of green mountains was a treat to eyes.

Till date, the Triund trek pathway has really less human interference in terms of commercialization. However you’ll still be able to find small shops for the Maggie & Chai break for instant energy while trekking.

Also, the weather in the mountains changes in literally minutes. We started climbing up in sweat; experienced rain showers in the half way and by the time we were covering the last kilometers, the weather got bone chilling.

The last 2 km of the trek are a bit difficult and the actual test of your fitness. The alleyway is literally just rocks and you have to make your way through them, very carefully!

Our guide too was very chirpy and he motivated us till we made our way to the summit!

The scenario from the top was surreal. It was a curtain raiser to all my expectations. All of my tiredness and exhaustion vanished as I rolled my eyes along the vista. The whole aura subsequently took my mind in the state of no thinking, and just observing. 
We weren’t able to witness the sunset because of floating clouds that day, but still, the outlook made every little step worth it!

A top of mountain is always the bottom of another.  Just as, the new beginnings always tend to hide themselves in the harsh endings!

As the dawn started setting, our hungry stomachs were fed by some chai and pakoras, followed by dinner.

By the time we finished eating, the sky got a lot prettier. There was no Wi-Fi, no light and no horns: just the sky full of stars and the wind caressing our bare faces. Darkness and silence never felt this peaceful before. I could feel the energy of universe getting absorbed in me as I gazed the stars. 

Heaven too can be scaled!

We were distracted by a few guests- sheep and doggies and we proceeded towards the tents, the only shelter for that night!

I was really excited for this thing- sleeping in tents. And the experience we had was actually one of a kind. Due to stormy winds during night, we literally slept holding our tent praying they don’t collapse or be taken away with the wind!

Despite of the chilly weather and all the exhaustion, I successfully made my swollen eyes catch the view of sunrise at 5 in the morning!

Look at me:

Then we grabbed the breakfast meal and started descending hill!

After coming down to Mcleodganj we checked into our hotel-Om Palace; pre-booked by TripEase.

In the evening the group was surprised by a complimentary DJ party thrown by TripEase itself. We danced forgetting all our exhaustion and wrapped up the trip with booze!

On the way back next day, I realised, I might not have found some Ranbir Kapoor on the trek, but I actually found the lost myself! 
Such adventure trips might not leave us in a relaxed state physically, but definitely in a serene state,mentally! 

Big thanks to TripEase for giving me the indelible memories of this trip without any hassle! Travel is actually made easy when you don’t have to worry about any pre-bookings. You can solely get yourself luxuriated by their arrangements in every aspect!

Until next travel,                                                      

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